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We commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in Fire & Safety education and promise to uphold the spirit of professionalism to serve the humanity.


The objective of the institution is to educate students and people of the country. Fire the cause of human civilization and good friend of humanity, when it spreads in an uncontrolled becomes a vicious enemy resulting in heavy losses of properties and lives.

. How handicapped we are in combating the worst menace, i.e. FIRE in almost all sectors of our activities today. It is not the equipments or the hardware, alone which can fight with the horror, but it is primarily the skilled manpower, which is so scanty in our country.

NF&SC, NAGPUR would train skilled fire personnel’s with latest technologies and proper knowledge of the situational science and engineering implied therein who can be readily put not only to combat FIRE when it breaks out but take care of all preventive methods to avoid any occurrence or recurrence,

thousands of people are killed or injured and property worth billions of rupees is lost to the ravages of fire each year. In addition, the loss of time, income and corporate profits caused by accidents, injuries, and occupational health problems and hazardous material also adds up to millions of rupees. Although common place, these losses need not be accepted as inevitable, the number of lives lost, injuries sustained, monetary losses could be reduced or prevented, provided we inculcate proper awareness, training, education and provide expertise in selecting right fire safety equipments for required purpose.


TO PRODUCE QUALIFIED FIRE AND SAFETY OFFICERS AND “WE SERVE TO SAFE” Life and Property from devastating Fire/Accident/Earth Quake/Natural Calamities etc.

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